Courses Offered

The College offers the following undergraduate programmes:
1. Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
2. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours)

Honours Programme:
The Honours programme comprises of six semesters of regular study. A semester is of six months duration. This is followed by a University examination at the end of each semester. After successful completion of the 1st semester, students take admission to the 2nd semester, and subsequently to the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th semesters, respectively.
At present, the college is offering Honours courses in Commerce and seven subjects in Humanities, which includes English, Nepali, Political Science, History, Economics, Education and Sociology. Besides, there are also compulsory papers like Compulsory English, Environmental Science and Eastern Himalayan Studies.

Courses Offered:


S. No. Name of the course Duration Total no. of seats Entry level qual- ification Mode of sele- ction
1 B.A. Honours 3 yrs (Six semesters) 420 12 th Merit
2 B.Com Honours 3 yrs (Six semesters) 120 12 th Merit

Course Module B.A. (Honours):

1st Sem 2ndSem 3rdSem 4thSem 5thSem 6thSem
Optional 1 Paper-I (H) Optional Paper-II (H) Optional

Paper-III (H)

Compulsory English Eastern Himalayas Studies (EHS) Environmental Studies (EVS)
Optional 2 Paper-I Optional 2 Paper-II Optional 2 Paper-III Optional 1 (H) Paper-IV Optional 1 (H) Paper-VI Optional 1 (H) Paper-VIII
Optional 3 Paper-I Optional 3 Paper-II Optional 3 Paper-III Optional 1 (H) Paper-V Optional 1 (H) Paper-VII Optional 1 (H) Paper-IX

Course Module B.Com (HONOURS)

Semester-I Semester-II
Course Code Course Name Credits Course Code Course Name Credits
COM-UG-C101 Compulsory English 4 COM-UG-C201 Environmental Studies 4
COM-UG-C102 Financial Accounting-I 4 COM-UG-C202 Financial Accounting-II 4
COM-UG-C103 Managerial Economics 4 COM-UG-C203 Business Law 4
Total Credits 12 Total Credits 12
Semester-III Semester-IV
Course Code Course Name Credits Course Code Course Name Credits
COM-UG-C301 Eastern Himalayan Studies 4 COM-UG-C401 Business Mathematics and Statistics 4
COM-UG-C302 Corporate Accounting 4 COM-UG-C402 International Business 4
COM-UG-C303 Business Management 4 COM-UG-C403 Indian Financial System 4
Total Credits 12 Total Credits 12
Semester-V Semester-VI
Course Code Course Name Credits Course Code Course Name Credits
COM-UG-C501 Functional Areas of Business 4 COM-UG-C601 Direct Tax, Law and Practice 4
COM-UG-C502 Auditing 4 COM-UG-C602 Entrepreneurship Development 4
COM-UG-C503 Cost and Management Accounting 4 COM-UG-C603 Financial Management 4
Total Credits 12 Total Credits 12
Grand Total of Credits = 72 Marks 100×18 = 1800 Marks
Evaluation Pattern Weightage (in%)
First/Second/Third Sessional Test 50
End Semester Examination 50
Total 100

*Each sessional test is for 25 marks. Best two out of three sessional test will be considered.

Marks in Percentage Grade Grade Point
≥95 0 10
≥85 but < 95 A+ 9
≥75 but < 85 A 8
≥65 but < 75 A- 7
≥55 but < 65 B+ 6
≥45 but < 55 B 5
≥35 but < 45 B- 4
≥25 but < 35 C+ 3
≥15 but < 25 C 2
15 C- 1

Attendance: Students must attend a minimum of 75% of the class lectures. Students whose attendance falls below the mandatory 75% will not be allowed to appear for the end semester examination in the relevant paper where her/his attendance is below 75%.